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1st Place in Write the World's Personal Narrative Competition // July 2015 // "Second Star to the Right" // Check out my interview about writing this piece!

Ken Smith Meacham Writing Award for Fiction // Fall 2015 // "Second Star to the Right" 


Sequoya Review // Spring 2016 // "Second Star to the Right"
Write the World Best of 2016: Young Voices Across the Globe // Summer 2016 // "Where Harrows Go to Die" and "Writing Doesn't Have to Be Solitary" // Can be purchased on Amazon!

Ongoing Projects:

I'm currently working on a upper YA/borderline adult fantasy novel, and though I'm far from finished, I like throwing around titles and designing covers that will never see the light of day.

What can I say about it? It involves pirates, fallen cities, and secret languages. And an obscene amount of pyrotechnics. 

The rest is a well-kept secret. 

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